DigiDic – System Change 2020


An Exercise In The Heresy Of Data:
Art’s Co-dependent Relationship With Social Media

While Big Tech’s reception in the early noughties was split between the critical activism of an invisible network of media artists, and blissful ignorance from the commercial fine arts, today’s art world as a whole seems to have formed a peculiar liaison with Big Tech’s current commodity, social media. How do we keep opposing Big Tech and how can we escape our own complicity in affirming its power?

DigiDic / System Change

With this motto, IMA the Institute of Media Archeology is launching a new series of projects dedicated entirely to digital media archeology. We will be examining the digital tools we take for granted, focusing specifically on their use in the artistic context.

This symposium is the seeding event for the development of resistant strategies as artistic projects. Based on the symposium’s outcome and collaborations in other worklabs, all works developed in this frame will be presented in an exhibition in autumn 2021.