GRiNM Network Conference|Nov 14. – 16. 2019
Experiences with Gender and Diversity in New Music
ZHdK, Zurich University of the Arts

ASA Conference, Phoenix|Oct 9.-12. 2019
77th annual meeting of the American Society for Aesthetics, Presentation “The Significance of Music. Excavating Resonances for Today in Susanne K. Langer” within a panel on Susanne K. Langer with Prof. Eva Kit Wah Man (Hong Kong), Prof. Iris v. d. Tuin (Utrecht) and Prof. Thomas Leddy (San Jose).

#vaporfolk | Sept 14.-15. 2019
Hortikultur & Spirituelle Diäten, Workshop
Volkskundemuseum Vienna

CIM19|Sept 26.-28. 2019
Conference on Interdisciplinary Musicology
“Susanne K. Langer’s Philosophy of Feeling: The Embodied Mind in Process Philosophy,” Conference on “Embodiment in Music” (peer reviewed) held by the Society for Interdisciplinary Musicology, University of Graz

2019 Creative and Critical Journal Club|May 3. 2019
Lecture on “The Nature of Fakes”, Center for Pathophysiology, Infectiology and Immunology, MED University Vienna

2019 LECTURE PERFORMANCE | Apr 6. 2019
-a tutorial-

Premiering performance theatre by and with Barbis Ruder as INFLUENCA. Performance “Anamnese der gestressten Zuschauer*innen”. Studio brut: Zieglergasse 25, 1070 Vienna. (Premiere 5.4.2019 with Corinna Milborn).

2018 Exhibition Introduction | Dec 5. 2018
Introduction to the exhibition #screentime by Barbis Ruder, or her alter ego: INFLUENCA. Neue Galerie, Tiroler Künstler*innenschaft, Innsbruck

Susanne K. Langer’s Philosophy of Feeling: A “Hardcore” Process Thinker—Almost Undetected, International Association of Women Philosophers (IAPh), XVIIth Symposium, Tsinghua University Beijing, China. Supported by the Austrian Research Society (ÖFG) and the Austrian Cultural Forum Beijing.

Cluster und Linien
20.01.2018. Lecture on occasion of an exhibition by Freya Richter and concert of Galina Ustwolskaja performed by musician Anja Kleinmichel, Leipzig

“To the Flesh. Susanne K. Langer’s Art Theory.” Symposium for Doctorate Students held by the Austrian Society for Philosophy (ŒGP), Alpen-Adria-University Klagenfurt

“’I’m scouting the possibility that rationality arises as an elaboration of feeling.’ Susanne K. Langer’s Scandalous Proposition in Twentieth Century Epistemology“. Public lecture at the Summer Reading School Feminism and the Philosophy of Science, Christian-Albrechts-Universität, Kiel

“Take This Pink Ribbon Off My Eyes”
Introducing performance-lecture to the exhibition We Gave Our Best Now the Rest is Up to the Hope Chest curated by Johanna Braun, Vienna

“The Unconsummated Symbol. Susanne K. Langers Musikphilosophie“
Graduate Conference at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

“To the Flesh. How the Body Makes Sense through Music“
Philosophy Unbound #9 (Music), Vienna

„Who said there was a Prison House?
The Ambiguity of Meaning and Why Art is not just a Form of Communication“. Society for Artistic Research (SAR), conference on WRITING. Presenter in the workshop Art, Philosophy, Writing and Speech led by Prof. Alva Noe (Berkeley), The Hague, NL