Susanne K. Langer at her desk in Old Lyme, Connecticut. Courtesy of her Estate. Photographer: James Lord. From the article “A Lady Seeking Answers.” In The New York Times Book Review (May 26, 1968).


Philosopher of art and logician Susanne K. Langer is experiencing a renaissance in review of twentieth century philosophy, and the female voices that shaped it. This book excavates a visionary woman, and places her thought in the history of ideas.

Leaving off from transdisciplinary discourses in art, aesthetics, media theory, cognitive science and biology, this expert discussion (re)opens old and new avenues to Langer’s philosophy of mind. It engages a long-overlooked voice and reveals its influences.

Langer’s theoretical hybridity in developing a theory of art from symbolic logic is enticing newer generations of philosophers and artists engaged in new media—the millennium generation. Some of Langer’s generative ideas on embodied cognition and biologically informed symbolization processes anticipated later developments that emerged from the cognitive turn, seeding new approaches in postmodern science and cultural studies.

This book elucidates Langer’s transdisciplinary connections and insights.

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Cover image: Barbara Kasten, Architectural Site 17, August 29, 1988, 1988. Courtesy of the artist and Bortolami Gallery, New York.

Contributing authors: Adrienne Dengerink Chaplin, Donald Dryden, Giulia Felappi, Lona Gaikis, Christian Grüny, Robert Innis, Rolf Lachmann, Thomas Leddy, Eva Kit Wah Man, Brian Massumi, Adam Nocek, Anne Pollok, Eldritch Priest, Martina Sauer, Helen Thaventhiran, Christophe Van Eecke, Iris van der Tuin and Sander Verhaegh.

With a Foreword by Randall E. Auxier.

Epilogue by Carolyn Bergonzo.

Keywords: Female Voices, New Materialism(s), Art and Science, Philosophy of Art, New Media, Biosemiotics.

Lona Gaikis ed. London/New York: Bloomsbury Academic, 2024.

Funded by The FWF Austrian Science Fund (PUB1012-G).